"The 6th edition of the Iberoamerican Meeting on Ionic Liquids".

“The 6th Edition of the Iberoamerican meeting on Ionic Liquids will be held in Santiago de Chile, from the 23 to 27th of May 2021. The aim of this meeting is to provide a space of discussion for researchers on the latest ionic liquids and deep eutectic solvent applications.

Ionic liquids are classes of solvents that exhibit properties such as negligible vapor pressure, wide liquid range, wide electrochemical window, tunable properties and high thermal/chemical stability. Due to these special properties, they have found a wide range of applications which this meeting would like to provide a space for discussion.”

The scientific program will offer plenary lectures, submitted keynote lectures, standard oral presentations and poster sessions. Authors should submit their contribution in an available abstract template. The scientific committee reserves the right to make the final decision on how the contribution will be presented during the congress. The congress language is English.

Ionic liquids and deep eutectic solvents in:

  • a. Analytical chemistry
  • b. Catalisys
  • c. Crystallization
  • d. Distillation & Absorption
  • e. Electrochemistry
  • f. Liquid-Liquid extraction
  • g. Membrane separations
  • h. Reaction media
  • i. Organic chemistry

Fundamental studies and modeling:​

  • a. Equations of state
  • b. Molecular modeling and simulation
  • c. Electronic structure calculations
  • d. Process simulation

Applications in:​

  • e. Pilot plant
  • f. Industry
  • g. Scale-up experiences

Abstract Submission

Application for presentation of a manuscript must be submitted on the Registration section. Every application must be accompanied by max. 1 page abstract in English uploaded in the interactive application form. Application form without summary will not be considered. The summary should be comprehensive and suitable for reviewing by members of the Scientific Committee. The deadline for the submission of the abstract for oral or porter presentation is 30th of October 2020.